Strapack® EZ Cornermatic & EZ Bolt

Manufactured from 1.5 Galvanised Steel. The EZ Corner is available for both TDF & TDC Duct and come packed in the popular Strapack® format. The patented “Tear Drop” hole in conjunction with the EZ Bolt is the next revolution in duct installation.

The EZ Bolt recessed head holds better in the magnetic socket. It is better angled to more easily be removed from the magnetic sock if you need to. The spin out zone holds the Bolt straight and level in place no matter where you stop in the drive rotation when putting into the first corner flange so it pilots the next duct into position. The threads are specially designed to hold well in the teardrop of the second corner flange and to drive without cross-threading. The tip and the threads are rounded to avoid snagging.

For four bolt connectors, SMACNA chose ¾” thread length to be the best compromise of sufficient length for support and not to much to stick out where it can snag clothing, gloves or hands.

The 1½” thread length was chosen to maximize the ability to draw in the final connector corner or two when the fitting or duct is twisted or out of square AND long enough to be seen and avoided.

See how the corner is installed

1240/EZctnTDCcornermatic EZ Cornermatic TDC Strapack
80 per Strapack
1240/EZctnTDFcornermatic EZ Cornermatic TDF Strapack
80 per Strapack
1240/EZ1.5Bolt EZ Bolt 1.5
1240/EZ3/4Bolt EZ Bolt 0.75