Model 6700 Air Volume Control Damper Stainless Steel/Gal

Product description

The Bullock Model 6700 Air Volume Control Damper with its unique design gives great control of air passing through air-conditioning or ventilation systems, either manually using a quadrant control or via the use of building system actuators. This model has been durability tested as per AS1668 for high temperatures and ultra low air leakage tested in the closed blade position.

Available in three material types: Aluminimum, Stainless or Galvanised Steel which can be easily installed in sheetmetal duct work, conditioning housing or air plenums.

Ordering instructions

  • Damper AIRWAY dimension measured in millimeters WIDTH (blade length) x HEIGHT
  • Damper controls: “Manual” or “Motorised”, left or right hand upper, middle or lower position
  • Damper frame type or size see below. Options: frame mounting slots, bolt-together modules
  • Damper hardware: Nylon/bronze bearings, stainless side blade seals, extended drive shafts
  • Damper materials: Galvanised/Graded Stainless Steel, Aluminium or a combination thereof
  • NOTE: Volume Control Dampers are designed to control airflows, for correction operation always ensure ductwork is self supported and installed to AS4254 methods. INCORRECT INSTALLATION AVOIDS ALL WARRANTIES.

Frames and corners

Stainless / Galvanised steel – “C” type TDF / TDC 35mm x 1.6mm thick or “H” type 25mm, 35mm or 50mm x 215mm x 1.6mm thick


Opposed blade rotation is standard, parallel action is optional. Stainless / Galvanised steel – precision cut 1.6mm, die and press formed, the interlocking blade tip designs give the blades longitude blade strength and a flat metal to metal blade seal. In the open position blades fit wholly with the damper frame

Blade seals

All side blade seals are of series 300 stainless steel, alleviating the problem of “aggravated corrosion” of seals through blade swiping action


Hexagonal 13mm zinc die cast design is mechanically fixed to the blade ends. Rotating pivot / drive collar is 16mm diameter stainless steel providing strength, durability and ease of service for bearings. The actuator drive shaft is 12.7mm diameter zinc plated mild steel or optional stainless steel


Sintered Bronze 16mm diameter x 4mm thick “top hat” design to suit the 16mm diameter stainless steel blade pivot collars. These sit flush in a counter sunk frame seat providing strength to the frame penetration and giving precise bearing positioning. Polysulfone, which has a service temperature range up to 160 degree celsius


Blade linkages have been designed as an external operating system within the frame channel. 3mm Stainless Steel / Galvanised Steel triangular plate design mechanically lock onto each blade pivot, interconnecting 2mm angles and 1.8mm linkage bar connectors are driven off a 6mm stainless steel pivot pin and bearing combination giving smooth blade rotation from open to close positions

Performance testing

  • AIR LEAKAGE – Damper leakage tests to verify performance of the model’s blade sealing system. The results show ultra low leakage rates. Cycle tested – open & closed in excess of 95,000 times
  • ELEVATED TEMPERATURES – Independent testing was carried out for durability in compliance with AS1668 for smoke dampers. No visible signs of damage or distortion were noted in the test where temperatures were recorded at 200 degree celsius for a duration of 2 hours

A copy of these tests are available from your local Bullock representative in your state.

Installation and maintenace

Correct installation is critical for proper operation and long life of air controlled dampers. Refer to installation instructions to avoid on-site delays through incorrect procedures. NOTE: Volume control dampers are designed to control airflow, always ensure ductwork or plenums are self supported and installed to AS4254 accepted methods


Maintain dampers in accordance with AS1851 if required

Specifications subject to change without notice