Model 3100 Non Return Damper

Product description

The Bullock Model 3100 – Non-Return damper is specifically designed to dramatically reduce the back draft of air through air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Made from premium grade extruded aluminium, galvanised steel or graded stainless steel, this model damper can be installed inside rigid ductwork, conditioner plenums or in-line flanged ductwork configurations.


  • Blades ganged outside the airstream
  • On instruction damper can be fiited with barometric conversion kit for easy weight adjustment
  • Blades pivot on 12mm shafts with stainless bushes
  • Available in high temperature no nylon format
  • Aluminium version is now fully extruded and can take 16 m/s without blade flutter


  • Aluminium – 1.8mm extruded frame 1.2 mm extruded blade C35 turnout 165mm face to face
  • Gal Steel – Made to specification
  • Stainless Steel – Made to specification

Model 3100 – Non-Return/Barometric Damper

These figures were achieved using standard construction. Performance of a damper which can be altered by changing or weighting exterior linkage system.