Bullock thermal flexible fan connector


BULLOCK THERMAL flexible fan connector as described is designed to eliminate fan movement or vibration/noise transferring to sheet metal duct runs or conditioner housings. Designed and tested to AS1530.3 specifically to withstand elevated temperatures in Industrial/Commercial applications.

Manufactured applications

  • Raw edge connections
  • Flat/RDC Connections
  • Bolt-on flange connections
  • TDF/TDC Roll-forming connections
  • Fire damper “break-away” point connection Refer to AS1682.2


  • Metal : Premium grade 0.6mm galvanised steel
  • Fabric: Yarn construction is Type E glass fibre continuous filament. The weave pattern is a 4 shaft satin design. The fabric thickness is a nominal 0.46nn with a weight of 543gsm. The fabric finish is silicone coated giving the fabric excellent features and benefits.
  • Roll-formed “DOUBLE LOOP” locking seam is available in NOTCHED or PLAIN configuration displaying consistent durable strength and airtight characteristics
  • Tensile strength: (fed 191/5102)WARP – 200kg/50mm. WEFT – 150kg/50mm
  • Tongue tear: (fed 191/5136)WARP – 45kg/50mm. WEFT – 30kg/50mm
  • Coating Adhesion: (AS1441.5) – 90N/50mm strip
  • Burst strength: 550 p.s.i. (3800 kPa)
  • UV treated: Yes. Ozone resistant
  • Chemical resistance: Yes. Resists mosts acids, alkalis, oils
  • Anti-fungicide treated: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Airtight: Yes
  • Joining adhesive: High temperature neutral cure silicone equivalent to Rhodorsil RTV-922. For high velocity applications a standard washer/rivet/washer reinforcement may be required.
  • Colour: Silver
  • Roll length: 20 metres
  • Fabric width: Standard – 100mm
  • Roll weights: TF-50 = 14kgs TF-75 = 18kgs TF-100 = 23kgs
  • Roll widths: TF-50 = 50mm metal. Total span = 185mm TF-75 = 75mm metal. Total span = 230mm TF-100 = 100mm metal. Total span = 275mm
  • AWTA test number to AS1530.3 7-441673-BN. Dated- 25/08/1992
  • Results: Ignitability Index – 0 Range: 0 – 20 Spread of flame: Index – 0
  • Continuous operation temperatures: Base fabric – 550 degree celsius Surface coasting – 230 degree celsius
  • Product Codes: TF-50 = 1510 TF-75 = 1511 TF-100 = 1512