Bullock thermal flexible fan connector fabric only


Bullock thermal flexibale fan connector fabric only is ideal for onsite flexible fan connector installations where metal strips in addition to the fabric is not required. Applications such as fume extraction systems, round exhaust systems or minor repairs to existing flexible connections.


  • Fabric: yarn construction is Type E glass fibre continuous filament. The weave pattern is a 4 shaft satin design. The fabric thickness is a nominal 0.46mm with a weight of 543gsm. The fabric finish is silicone coated giving the fabric excellent features and benefits.
  • AWTA TEST number to AS1530.3 #7-441673-BN. Dated- 25/08/1992.
  • Results: Ignitability Index 0. Range 0 20. Spread of Flame Index 0. Range 0 10. Geat Evolved Index 0. Range 0 10. Smoked Developed Index 1. Range 0 10.
  • Continuous operating temperatures: Base fabric 550 degree celsius. Surface coating 230 degree celsius.
  • Joining adhesive: High temperature cure silicone equilavent to Rhodorsil RTV-922. For high velocity applications a standard washer / rivet / washer reinforcement may be required.
  • Tensile strenght (fed 191/5102): WARP - 200kg/50mm. WEFT - 150kg/50mm
  • Tongue tear (fed 191/5136): WARP 45kg/50mm. WEFT - 30kg/50mm.
  • Coating adhesion: (AS1441.5) 90N/50mm strip
  • Chemical resistance: Resists most acids, alkalis and oils
  • Burst strength: 550 p.s.i. (3800 kPa)
  • U.V. treated: Yes, Ozone resistant
  • Anti-fungicide resistant: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Airtight: Yes
  • Colour: Silver
  • Roll length: 25 metres
  • Roll widths: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm