Bullock general purpose flexible fan connector


BULLOCK general purpose flexible fan connector as described is designed to eliminate fan movement or vibration/noise transfering to sheet metal duct runs or conditioner housings.



Conveniently packed and economically priced to suit most Industrial, Commercial, or Residential Air Conditioning/Ventilation system designs.




  • Metal: Premium grade 0.6mm galvanised steel
  • Fabric: Construction is a heavy duty woven denier polyester 650 T/S tearstop PVC coated tarpaulin material with a weight of 690gsm (+/- 30gsm)
  • Precision quality roll formed "DOUBLE LOOP" seam is available in NOTCHED or PLAIN configuration displaying consistent durable strength and airtight characteristics
  • Tensile strenght (AS2001.2.3): WARP-3320N. WEFT-2650N.
  • Tongue tear (BS3424.5): WARP-650N. WEFT 650N.
  • Flex cracking (AS141.6): 400,000 cycles
  • Coating Adhesion: Unable to be delaminated, abrasion resistant
  • Cold crack temperature (CCT): -30 Degree C.
  • UV treated: Yes
  • Anti-fungicide treated: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes, acrylic lacquer coated
  • Airtight: Yes
  • Joining adhesive: Use general purpose PVC type adhesives. For high velocity air systems a washer/rivet/washer reinforcing system should be applied
  • Colour: Grey
  • Roll length: 20 metres
  • Fabric width: Standard - 100mm
  • Codes: GP-50 = #1504
    GP-75 = #1505
    GP-100 = #1506
  • Roll weights: GP-50 = 14kgs
    GP-75 = 18kgs
    GP-100 = 23kgs
  • Roll widths: GP-50 = 50mm metal. Total span = 185mm
    GP-75 = 75mm metal. Total span = 230mm
    GP-100 = 100mm metal. Total span = 275mm
  • Product codes: GP-50 = 1504
    GP-75 = 1505
    GP-100 = 1506

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